Help us mitigate climate change – plant a tree for 25p

Cooking stove in a Ugandan school Support our Carbon offset scheme by paying for a tree to be planted in Uganda at just 25p.  But why Uganda?

In the UK our carbon footprint is immensely higher than that of the average Ugandan – so we believe we have an ethical responsibility to pay for our pollution and to compensate those communities who are less polluting.  Often the less polluting countries will suffer as much or even more than we Ugandan childrendo from the consequences of climate change. We have one global atmosphere, so what we do in the UK matters elsewhere. Globally we are all responsible for climate change – but to different degrees, and the rich countries who tend to pollute the most are in a privileged position to do more about it. For even more reasons to plant trees in Uganda see our scheme in detail  co2-scheme-una-may-2016.


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